Meet Mabry Kate

imageMabry Kate was born on March 13, 2014.

She weighed 8 pounds even.

She was 19 3/4 inches long.

She had an infectious smile.

She began showing symptoms of Krabbe Disease just before 3 months of age.

She wasn’t diagnosed with the disease until she was 6 months old.

She saved her brother’s life.

The high school basketball team that MK’s mom and dad coach dedicated this past season to her, and their motto was #justplayformk.

The community really rallied around her and showed an overwhelming amount of support.

Mabry Kate touched an insurmountable number of lives in a variety of ways.

She’s a super hero in a tiny body.

She has a law named after her called the Mabry Kate Webb Act that will add Krabbe Disease and other leukodystrophies to the TN Newborn Screening.

Mabry Kate passed away on February 7, 2015, but her spirit continues to live on!



3 thoughts on “Meet Mabry Kate

  1. Heather Armbrister says:

    I have kept up w u throughout ur whole journey an u r an amazing person. I was wondering where u got the book Heaven? My husband has cancer n he goes to duke it’s not curable but they just try n manage his pain. We was told 2 to 3 yrs max n we r on our 8th year n for the most part he is OK but I am forever getting up checking his breathing at night n constantly have in my mind what if today is the day. I hope that don’t sound mean n any way I want him here forever n we have 4 kids 14 down to 9 n my main worry is them bc they struggle so bad w knowing their dad has cancer. I still believe no matter what the doctors say God can cure him. I want to read this book so if u can plz take a minute to respond I will appreciate it. Thanks so much n may God bless u n ur family


    • I got the book back in Knoxville at a Christian bookstore there. I’m sure any bookstore, especially Christian bookstores will have it. If not, Amazon will definitely have it. The author is Randy Alcorn. It’s a fantastic book. I’m not even all the way through it yet and I feel like my understanding and perception of Heaven is already so much better! I hope this helps. And I hope your husband gets a miracle from God. We will keep your family in our prayers! Let me know if you need help finding the book or have any other questions!


      • Heather Armbrister says:

        Praise God u don’t know what it means to get a reply from u n if it’s not to much trouble when I come to duke w my husband for scans is there any chance of me seeing u n sweet Owen? If not I completely understand bc I’m sure his immune system is down but it would be anazing. I’ve worked in childcare almost 16 years n out of all the stories I’ve heard on here I feel so connected to u. God sure did puck 2 amazing parents for ur children n I want u to know we pray for u daily n our church does to. Hope u have a blessed night


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