A Letter of Thanks to YOU

Dear Family and Friends of the Team MKO Community and Beyond:

With Owen’s official homecoming in our very near future (like within the next week), it’s easy to reflect back on what has lead us to where we are. A huge part of that is YOU! This letter of thanks is extremely long overdue and not nearly enough for all the love, prayers and support we have received throughout the past year. It all started while we were trying to get a diagnosis for our sweet Mabry Kate. It continued to multiply once we did get a diagnosis and has continued into our lives since finding out about Owen.

In the beginning, we were able to find time to write a few letters of thanks, but as more and more was put on our plate and more and more love and support continued, it caught up to us. We lost track, in particularly, at beginning of February when we lost Mabry Kate and into March with Owen’s birth and transplant.

So with this being the beginning of November, a month notorious for giving thanks (even though we should all be thankful year round), we want to thank each and every one of you. It does not matter if you prayed a simple prayer or donated monetarily, for each of you we are equally grateful. No amount of words or actions we could do would ever repay every single one of you for your sincere generosity.

So thank you for your love and prayers. Thank you for your encouragement and positive thoughts. Thank you for the dinners that have been made and the gift cards that have been given. Thank you for the gifts from the heart like letters, poems, drawings and paintings. Thank you for the necessitates we have been given from paper products to cleaning supplies. Thank you for mowing our yard and festively decorating the front of our home. Thank you for doing our laundry and cleaning our house. Thank you sharing our story and spreading awareness. Thank you to the many basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, football and various other sports teams in our community and beyond who wore blue, spread awareness, showed support and raised money for our family. Thank you to the amazing people that have temporarily filled roles that I cannot for the moment, such as teacher and coach. Thank you for the unfathomable amount of fundraisers that were and continue to be put on in honor of our sweet babies. Thank you to the businesses who have given a portion of their profits to our family. Thank you to those who visited Mabry Kate and our family at home just to bring comfort. Thank you for showing your love and support at her funeral and her graveside. Thank you for our going away party. Thank you for visiting Owen at Duke. Thank you for sending donations, letters, cards and gifts to Duke. Thank you to all the nurses, therapists and doctors who cared for our children tirelessly and those who have helped to save the beautiful life of Owen. Thank you to those that have helped us advocate for expanded newborn screening in Tennessee. The list goes on and on. We know we have left things out because we have been beyond blessed with an overflowing amount of love and support. But for each of you, we give our most heartfelt thanks. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The prayers, love and support continue every single day. We are aware. We see it. We feel it. Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend because it is so abundant. Only God can take an ugly situation and turn it into a blessing. Through the suffering of both of our children, he has shown us His love through all of you. And for that we are blessed. Thank you. May God rain down His beautiful blessings in your life as He has in ours.

We love all of you!

With Love,

Kyle, Christin, Mabry Kate and Owen


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