The Joy in a Laugh

This past Monday, Kyle and I experienced something we haven’t yet experienced as parents — the laughter of our very own child.

For the first time, we heard Owen laugh! It brought an overwhelming sense of joy to our hearts and literal tears to our eyes. This is something we were never able to experience with Mabry Kate, and according to science, this is something we should have never been able to witness with Owen. Both of our children have one of the most aggressive and rapidly progressing forms of Krabbe.

But God trumps science. His plans are greater. Because of God, Owen’s laughter means so much more to me than just a happy and heartwarming noise. That noise is the sound of a miracle — a miracle granted by God. It’s the sound of life — a life saved by his sister.

When I hear this sound that is so full of life, I can’t help but be reminded of Mabry Kate and her life she gave for his. His laughter is so full of life for both himself and sweet Mabry Kate.

And from there, I am reminded of God. As He watches His son Jesus change the lives of others, I know He is constantly smiling and so proud of Him and His amazing works. Even though we can’t see Mabry Kate, we will always see her working through Owen, just as we can see Jesus work through His people.

It’s amazing how my perspective on life has changed through all of this. I am constantly looking for God working through certain situations. I am constantly looking for signs that He is there. He knows I need reassurance, and He never disappoints.

Before this experience, I thought I was in control of so many things, but through all of this, God has taught me that He is in control. If we make ourselves aware that God’s “got this,” we can rest in His infinite wisdom and just marvel as He works through us and through our lives.

He is ALWAYS there, we just have to open our eyes. I’m not perfect in this area. I still try to control situations, but through this, I have become so much more aware of God and His beautiful story He continues to write in our lives. I cannot wait to see the BIG picture.

Until then, I will soak up every single laugh Owen has to offer, and I will remember the life and the beauty that is contained within that joyful noise.



One thought on “The Joy in a Laugh

  1. Adelaide says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful, meaningful post filled with such encouragement. It is so uplifting. Prayers for you and your sweet family!


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