A Story of God’s Timing

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again. God’s timing is perfect.

So many times, people pray prayers (myself included) and expect the answer to their prayer to be what they want or envision. The reality is, an answered prayer may not be the answer that you want.

I have so many stories about God’s timing that I can’t wait to share relating to Mabry Kate and Owen, but there are too many to share in one blog post. With that said, I will start with a story from Mabry Kate’s first birthday.

Mabry Kate’s first birthday was just a little over a month after the day she went to be with Jesus, and a little less than three weeks before we would meet baby Owen.

Kyle and I had decided that we wanted her birthday to be a reflection of all that she had taught us in her short time here, mainly to love.

Some of our wonderful friends had suggested that we declare her birthday a day to do acts of randoMKindess (notice her initials) in her memory. It most certainly was a fantastic idea that brought Kyle and I great joy on such a hard day. People were posting picture and status updates on what acts of random kindness they had displayed. It was such a blessing to see how many people were still being touched by her spirit.

As the day went on, I could not think of how I wanted to honor her in this way. Kyle and I went through the drive thru at Chick-fil-a and wanted to pay for the person behind us. It turns out their order was only around $2. It was kind and I am sure that person was appreciative, but we wanted to do something more.

The day lingered on, and it was getting closer to the time to meet close family and friends at her grave to release balloons. I made a quick run to the grocery store to pick up a special arrangement for her grave and some ingredients to make a birthday cake in her memory.

As I was standing in the line to check out, I felt very compelled to pay for the groceries of the person behind me. I kept wrestling with the idea in my head. What if it costs too much? What if they won’t let me? What if they think I’m crazy?

Silly thoughts kept creeping into my mind as part of me tried to convince the other part not to. Finally, on a whim I let the cashier know that I would also be paying for the groceries of the two ladies behind me.

I remember the cashier grabbing their things after all of mine had been rung up. In confusion, the lady kindly let the cashier know those were her things, and the cashier then let her know I was wanting to pay for her groceries.

I’ll never forget the surprised look on her face, and the face of her daughter. In a very appreciative yet still confused tone, she politely asked me, “Why?”

From there I was able to share with her Mabry Kate’s story and that, as part of her first birthday, people were doing acts of random kindness. We all began to cry, including the cashier, and then the lady told me her story.

The groceries I was about to pay for were for a baby shower of her other daughter. That daughter had been trying to get pregnant for nearly seven years, and now was pregnant and due the next month also. We all cried even more, and shared hugs.

Not only was Mabry Kate a blessing to her that day, but she and her family were a blessing to me. And the cashier let us know what a blessing it was to witness it all.

Not surprisingly, God’s timing was perfect. He knew that I needed that blessing in those sweet ladies that day. Quite obviously, it had been the hardest month of my life, and to do something good for someone in the name of our precious daughter, brought such joy to me that day. God also knew that that family needed to be blessed by Mabry Kate that day too, and He did not disappoint.

I know whole heartedly, that the voice inside my head and in my heart urging me to pay for that lovely family’s groceries was that of God.

God was able to turn a dull and boring trip to the grocery store into such blessings and joy that day. As hard as it was to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday without her physical presence there, that day was such a blessing. Not only was it a blessing to share the love we have for Mabry Kate and buy their groceries, but it was such a blessing to see such good being done that day, because of our sweet girl.

The topic of God’s timing will more than likely be a reoccurring theme for this blog. It is something that I have come to pay close attention to lately, and it never ceases to amaze me how involved God is in our lives. He orchestrates our lives, and yet there are times that we go about our day not giving him credit for his impeccable timing in all circumstances, and we should.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21


One thought on “A Story of God’s Timing

  1. Heather Armbrister says:

    I really hope u see my message I sent I’ve never done this before but it’s under one of mk pics. God bless u n ur family


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