How We Get Through

imageOften times people tell my husband and I that we have been so positive through these recent trials, or that we are really strong people to have dealt with such hardships the way in which we have. The truth is, it isn’t us who is strong. It is God who is our strong tower. He is our refuge from this storm, and every storm in our lives.

But what does that even mean? I’ve heard these phrases through the years, but we have really recognized it as truth in our lives as we have gone through the past couple years.

It means we have someone who loves us more than anyone else could dream of loving us. It means we have someone who is constantly ready and waiting for you and I to just lean on, trust and fall in the arms of. There is someone who will give you the rest that you need when you need it most. And believe me, we have needed rest from lots of things, as I’m sure you have too. That person is Jesus. Let Jesus give you rest.

My husband and I cannot imagine going through any of this without any sort of faith or hope in Jesus.

Since the day we temporarily lost Mabry Kate, I have said to many family members and friends that there are two things that get me through everyday. The first is that we will see her again.

I am reminded of this constantly. As I was reading a section from the book “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn, he mentions two verses that confirm the fact that she is with Jesus, and that we will be one day as well, following our deaths:

The same person who becomes absent from his or her body becomes present with the Lord. 2 Corinthians 5:8

The person who departs is the one who goes to be with Christ. Philippians 1:23

My husband spoke very powerful words to me not too long after Mabry Kate left her earthly body and became present with the Lord. I don’t want to elaborate on it too much for now, because one day I know he can use his experience to bring others closer to Christ, but he did say I could share.

I remember him telling me that before holding Mabry Kate as she took her last breaths, doubt would creep up in his mind every now and then about where we go after death. Not that he didn’t believe, but everyone has fears and doubts. Both in which Satan proudly uses to try and separate us from God.

Anyway, I’ll never forget him telling me that he will never doubt again after literally feeling and seeing Mabry Kate’s spirit (the part that really makes her who she is) leave her body and go somewhere else.

And I wholeheartedly agree. That somewhere else is with Jesus. We will be there one day too. We will see her again.

The other thing that gets me through each day is knowing that the time I have spent and will spend on this earth cannot touch the amount of time we will spend together in Heaven – with God, with family, with friends, with Mabry Kate.

My favorite reminder of this is in a song I used to sing to Mabry Kate along with “Jesus Loves Me.” That song is “Amazing Grace.” I now sing those songs to sweet Owen. One verse from that song brings chills to my whole body and joy to my soul.

“When we’ve been there ten thousand years,

Bright shining as the sun,

We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise

Than when we first begun.”

Ten thousand years? No less days than from the beginning? Wow! I’m only 29 years old now, and we could safely say that I’m already at least a third of the way through my life here on earth, so for 10,000 years to be nothing in eternity just amazes me!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life here and everyone in it. It has been difficult, but well worth it. I am blessed and thankful; however, if I had written my own life story, it would not have gone the way that my life really has. But if I had been the author of my life, there also would have been no Owen (because he was a surprise so shortly after having MK) and other children’s lives would not have been saved through Mabry Kate’s suffering. Why it had to be our daughter and son that have suffered through this disease, I will never know. They are such brave and strong heros. I just look forward to the rewards that come from living life the way God intended, and those rewards include everything that I love, all together at the same time – God, my husband, Mabry Kate, Owen, my family, my friends, and the list goes on.

So for now I will continue to live my life fully in the way that God intended and the way that Mabry Kate taught me, but I will look forward to what the eternal future holds!


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